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Get what you really want by saving your change

One of the biggest obstacles that people see to going after what they want is lack of money.  Whether it’s something fun like a trip, a product like an iPad or something else, “I don’t have the money” is one … Continue reading

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A Day of Giving Back

I recently saw a blog post written by a woman who spent her birthday doing random acts of kindness for others with her children. I was so inspired by the small, inexpensive, but thoughtful things that she did. I think … Continue reading

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How did you spend 2011?

The thrill of the new year festivities have faded and most people have returned to work or their regular routines.  Although 2011 is over, don’t be so quick to close the book on the year.  Many of us live day … Continue reading

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Trapeze School!

Flying through the air Fly through the air with the greatest of ease – take your turn on a flying trapeze!  Okay, that was a cheesy rhyme but you get the point.  There are trapeze schools across the country and … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Life Advice

  Even when others aren’t

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Even a Weed Can Be Beautiful

I love this picture. I love the colors, the detail and the uniqueness of the flower.  Only it’s not a flower.  It’s a weed.  The kind that grows in your lawn and you pull up in frustration.  The kind you … Continue reading

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6 Year Old Applies for Head Position at National Railway Museum

I think the secret of success lies in emulating children.  Take this kid for example.  He learned the National Railway Museum director was retiring he decided to apply for the job.  He didn’t think, “I’m not old enough to work”.  … Continue reading

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