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Don’t Be Led by your problems

This is one of the hardest things to do, but if you are following your dreams you will likely find that your problems are easier to handle and resolve. Advertisements

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To Stop a Nosebleed Right Away Head to Your Freezer

We had a nosebleed at my house last night.  You know, one of those gushers that won’t stop no matter what you do.  I remembered that the night before I had seen on Pinterest (did I mention how much I … Continue reading

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Get a Target REDcard DEBIT card – save 5% on all purchase & get free shipping!

I like to save money where I can, but I don’t like to sign up for new store credit cards to score deals.  Every time I’ve been in Target and they ask me if I want to sign up for … Continue reading

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Donate Expired Coupons to be Used by Military Families Overseas – REVISITED

A couple of weeks I posted about donating your expired coupons to be used by military families overseas.  Some of you expressed concern that the process seems very time consuming because they request that you total up the value of the … Continue reading

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Get what you really want by saving your change

One of the biggest obstacles that people see to going after what they want is lack of money.  Whether it’s something fun like a trip, a product like an iPad or something else, “I don’t have the money” is one … Continue reading

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A Day of Giving Back

I recently saw a blog post written by a woman who spent her birthday doing random acts of kindness for others with her children. I was so inspired by the small, inexpensive, but thoughtful things that she did. I think … Continue reading

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Playing with Your Food ~ Hungry Happenings

It’s Food Friday and I think we should spend a little time playing with our food.  I want to introduce you to Hungry Happenings, a site that definitely makes food fun.  Take for instance the “chocolate chalkboards” she came up … Continue reading

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