A Day of Giving Back

Practice Random KindnessI recently saw a blog post written by a woman who spent her birthday doing random acts of kindness for others with her children. I was so inspired by the small, inexpensive, but thoughtful things that she did. I think one of the things I love the most is that she did these things with her children. What a beautiful lesson of selflessness to teach them about giving to others on a day we traditional celebrate as being all about us.

Here’s how they spent their day:

  • Left a box of cookies and a thank you note for the mailman
  • Took a plate of homemade goodies & a thank you note to the nearby firestation
  • Took “have a great day” cards that the kids handmade to the local assisted living facility
  • Took handmade goodies to the local mechanic who has looked at their car for free
  • Took 2 vases of flowers to the hospital & left homemade coloring books & crayons in the waiting area
  • Left change in the vending machine for others
  • Went to their church & left a donation for the food pantry, books for a family in need & notes for the children’s pastors
  • Took homemade goodies to their librarians
  • Collected carts from the Wal-Mart parking lot & took them all the way into the store
  • Stopped at the local toddler park and handed out presents
  • Hid Easter eggs with prizes in them all over the local playground
  • Hid dollars in the toy section of the Dollar Store
  • Bought a book at the bookstore to pass on to someone else
  • Became a “personal shopper” in the bookstore for a total stranger
  • Mailed treats to family and friends with handwritten notes
  • Left diapers & wipes on a changing table in a public restroom
  • Picked up trash everywhere they went
  • Smiled at everyone they saw & generously passed out compliments
  • Made donations to local charitiesNo act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted - Aesop

I highly encourage you to take a moment and read her blog post  to see her adventure in giving in her own words as this is an abbreviated list. I don’t expect everyone to do what she did (although it would be wonderful), but my challenge to you is to do one thoughtful random act of kindness every day. It doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to cost money. Just be kind. Kindness is actually easy but I think that sometimes it gets lost in the rush of our day.

Try Kindness

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  1. Just found your site. Love it! We definitely think alike. See our recent blogs at http://www.goodjujucompany.wordpress.com and you’ll know what I mean :).

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