Wal-mart offers contest to get your product on their store shelves

Get on the ShelfHave you ever dreamed of having your product sold at Wal-Mart? Well, now is your chance. Wal-Mart has launched a program called “Get on the Shelf” where they are giving companies and individuals an opportunity to submit their product and an accompanying video to be voted on by the public. You can submit any type of product in the categories that Wal-Mart carries (which is most everything these days). Three winners will get an opportunity to sell their product on Walmart.com and free marketing support. According to the website the grand prize winner will get:
• featured placement on Walmart.com
• valuable marketing support
• advice on scaling up
• and a spot on Walmart store shelves!

Go to www.getontheshelf.com to enter by fill out the form and submit your video or to check out the video overview of the program for more details. The contest deadline is February 22nd, but try to submit your entry as early as possibly to give your product maximum exposure. Voting will take place March 7th to April 4th to narrow it down to 10 finalists. The final round of voting will be April 11 to April 24th to select the lucky three. You can use any means you’d like to get the word out to vote for your product. If you enter, please let us know in the comments so we can vote for you!

This is a great opportunity to get your product noticed even if you don’t win. Good luck!

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