Make a difference with Blessing Bags

A few days ago I mentioned my love affair with Pinterest.  One of the great things I found that I love is a post that someone pinned from Kids With a Vision (KWAV) with the idea of creating “blessing bags” that you can give to the homeless. If you’re looking for a way to help the homeless without just giving them money, this is a great way to do it.

Creating a blessing bag is easy. Just fill a gallon Ziploc bag with items that a homeless person (any person!) would need and keep them in the car to hand out when you see someone who needs it. Here’s a picture of my first blessing bag.

Blessing Bag

I included the following:
• Granola bars
• Small first aid kit ( I got this free from Target with a coupon)
• Travel toilet paper
• Hand wipes
• Packet of tissues
• Body refresher wipes (baby wipes would also work)
• Travel toothbrush
• Travel size toothpaste
• Travel size deodorant (I put this in a smaller bag in case it melts)
• Baby powder
• Trial size body wash packets (several)
• Trial size Head & Shoulders 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner (several)
• Toe warmer packets
• Trial size icy hot packets (several)
• Feminine products (I am creating separate bags for women)

Other items recommended from the KWAV site that you could include in your blessing bags:
• Comb
• Soap (recommend putting it a smaller bag in case it melts)
• Crackers
• Trail mix
• Gum
• Band-aids
• Socks (you can get from the dollar store)
• Gloves (you can get from the dollar store)
• Starbucks gift card
• List of local resources such as homeless shelters, food pantries, etc
• Pet food samples as many homeless have pets
• Tokens or cards for mass transit
• Poncho or rain coat
• Sunscreen
• Plastic utensil packets
• Coins to make phone calls or make purchases from vending machines
• Travel packages of Tylenol, Advil, or other pain relievers
• If you are doing this with your children they could draw pictures or write notes that you can include in the bags.

You can get many trial size products for free after coupons and trial size items are perfect for blessing bags.  Just look for coupons that say “any size” or that don’t specifically include trial sizes.   Companies often make free trial size samples available to request online and they will mail them to your home. You can “like” on Facebook or follow one of the many blogs such as Mojo Savings  that will let you know when trial sizes samples become available.

Let me know if you decide to do this yourself. Other suggestions on what to include are welcome!

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One Response to Make a difference with Blessing Bags

  1. Rachelle Cox says:

    I love your list! However, I would caution against putting mouthwash in a bag. There are a few folks on the street because they have an alcohol problem, and some alcoholics will actually drink mouthwash for the small amount of alcohol in it. That isn’t to say everyone begging for money is an alcoholic, but I would hate to give out a bag with good intentions and actually make their problem worse inadvertently. Just a thought!

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