Oh Pinterest how I love thee

A friend introduced me to Pinterest several weeks ago and what can I say, I’m in love addicted. The site lets you collect images from anywhere on the web and post them to online inspiration boards.  No more clunky bookmarking and it’s WAY better than ripping out pages of a magazine.  You can also see what other people have pinned either by topic (DIY & Crafts, Food & Drinks, Kids) or “everything” and “pin” what you like to your board. I love to leave it on “everything” and am always amazed at the cool things I find.


One of my favorite things is that it lets me keep all of the recipes I like from various blogs and websites in one place.  I’ve tried several recipes that other people have posted that have turned out great such as Taco Pizza, apple cider caramel cookies (these were a huge hit with my family!) and root beer float cupcakes.  There are also tons of crafts, DIY projects, fashion, organization tips, you name it – it’s probably on Pinterest.

You can follow other users (just specific boards they’ve created that you like or all of their boards), browse, like pins, and comment on other people’s pins.  You can create as many boards as you would like and the images all link back to where they were “pinned” from.  I will warn you, this site is highly addictive and so much fun!

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