How did you spend 2011?

Writing a list of what you did in 2011The thrill of the new year festivities have faded and most people have returned to work or their regular routines.  Although 2011 is over, don’t be so quick to close the book on the year.  Many of us live day to day, moment to moment, and don’t really take the time to look back at any length of time at once.  Take a few moments to reflect on 2011 and write a list of the things that you did or accomplished.  Did you travel? Go someplace you’ve always wanted to go?  Try something new (food, restaurants, activities)?  What were your accomplishments? What did you do that was fun?  If you’re married or a have a family, include what you have each done individually and together on the list.

You might be surprised to find what you’ve done over the year.  Or you may realize that you didn’t do as much as you wanted.  This is the foundation to build upon for 2012.  Do more of what you enjoyed in 2011 and less of what you didn’t.  If you let it, your days will speed by in a whirlwind of work, household chores, obligations & committments and before you know it another year will be gone UNLESS you take control of your time.  Recipe for a successful and happy 2012 – do more of what makes you happy and less of what doesn’t.

You may be tempted to try and review the year in your head and skip writing it down.  Don’t do that.  Not only is the act of writing it down important and helps you to remember other things to add to your list, it is important for you to see the reflection of how you spent (or didn’t spend) 2011 in writing, in front of you.  Hold on to that list and do the exercise again at the end of the year and see what’s changed.

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