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Get what you really want by saving your change

One of the biggest obstacles that people see to going after what they want is lack of money.  Whether it’s something fun like a trip, a product like an iPad or something else, “I don’t have the money” is one … Continue reading

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A Day of Giving Back

I recently saw a blog post written by a woman who spent her birthday doing random acts of kindness for others with her children. I was so inspired by the small, inexpensive, but thoughtful things that she did. I think … Continue reading

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Playing with Your Food ~ Hungry Happenings

It’s Food Friday and I think we should spend a little time playing with our food.  I want to introduce you to Hungry Happenings, a site that definitely makes food fun.  Take for instance the “chocolate chalkboards” she came up … Continue reading

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Swap clothes your kids have outgrown for ones you need with ThredUp

Kids outgrow clothes so fast that it seems like there is always a closet full of clothes that they can’t wear anymore and a long list of new clothes you need to buy.  ThredUp  is a website that allows you … Continue reading

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Wal-mart offers contest to get your product on their store shelves

Have you ever dreamed of having your product sold at Wal-Mart? Well, now is your chance. Wal-Mart has launched a program called “Get on the Shelf” where they are giving companies and individuals an opportunity to submit their product and … Continue reading

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Shopkick app is an easy way to get discounts and free gift certificates

If I can earn “free money” while doing things that I normally do or with a small amount of additional effort, I’m all for it.  I found the free Shopkick app (available on both Android & iPhone) a little while … Continue reading

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Free Online Language Learning Courses

I love finding ways to accomplish my goals (and help other people accomplish theirs) without having to spend a lot of money to do it.  I was delighted to find a twelve week online language learning course that is FREE and … Continue reading

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Make a difference with Blessing Bags

A few days ago I mentioned my love affair with Pinterest.  One of the great things I found that I love is a post that someone pinned from Kids With a Vision (KWAV) with the idea of creating “blessing bags” … Continue reading

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Food Friday: “Skinny” Recipes

Eating healthy is hard for me because I like food.  I like yummy, tasty food and finding food that has flavor and is still low in calories has been one of my biggest challenges.  I stumbled across Skinny Taste and … Continue reading

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Oh Pinterest how I love thee

A friend introduced me to Pinterest several weeks ago and what can I say, I’m in love addicted. The site lets you collect images from anywhere on the web and post them to online inspiration boards.  No more clunky bookmarking … Continue reading

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