Florida Wine Tour

You might be surprised to learn that Florida has many wineries throughout the state.  Never ones to pass up the opportunities to try new wine, my boyfriend and I decided to add visiting all the Florida wineries to our goals list. 

Florida Orange Grove Winery Copyrighted Image Unsolicited Advice

We recently visited Florida Orange Grove Winery in St. Petersburg, Florida.  We enjoyed a tour of the winery and in addition to the traditional things you expect to see we got the surprise addition at the end of getting to see how they make “adult” versions of pouched drinks.  Move over Capri Sun! 

Wine Tasting Florida Orange Grove Winery Copyrighted Image Unsolicited Advice

The highlight was, of course, the free wine tasting.  They have a wide selection of fruit wines and unique combinations.  Key Limen just needs a ring of salt on the glass and you’ve got your self a margarita.  Have I mentioned how awesome the staff is?  Our fantastic “host” Fred showed how fabulous the combination of their Raspberry wine with Key Limen – which gives you a FANTASTIC raspberry margarita.  Trust me, it’s yummy!  Their number one selling wine is “Hurricane Class 5” which gives you a different taste of 5 different fruits with every sip.

Fruit wine too boring?  Try Hot Sun, a combination of tomato and pepper.  It sounds weird and I was doubtful.  Fred told us it would be a tomato taste with the pepper finish and it would climb up the back of your throat.  He nailed it exactly!  Although this is not a wine I would pour a glass of for my evening enjoyment, it is a great wine to cook with.  In fact, all the wines are and they have a cookbook showing how to use their wines in a variety of ways.

If it sounds like I’m gushing, I am.  I’ve had other fruit wines and wasn’t overly impressed.   The wines here exceeded my expectations.   We walked out with many many bottles of great news wines and Florida Orange Grove Winery high on our favorites list.

If you’re interested in visiting Florida wineries you can visit Try Florida Wine for a map, names, and locations of all the wineries.

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