Sunflower Maze

Sunflower Maze Copyrighted Image Unsolicited Advice
Beautiful day at the Sunflower Maze

Make time to visit the sunflower maze at Sweetfield Farms.  It’s a huge maze made up of sunflowers 6-8 feet high (and sometimes more!).  The maze is well designed with enough twists and turns to keep it interesting while still keeping it fun and easy enough for kids (and adults) of all ages.  You can expect to take between half an hour to 45 minutes to get through the maze.  It took me longer because I was taking pictures of every 2nd or 3rd sunflower.  If you look closely you’ll see butterflies, grasshoppers, and dragonflies on the flowers.

 If you look closely you’ll see butterflies, grasshoppers, and dragonflies on the flowers. 
Butterfly on Sunflower Copyrighted Image Unsolicted Advice

The scenic blue sky makes a fabulous backdrop for photos.  In addition to the sunflower maze itself, there are lots of other fun things to do.  Stop by and visit Rosie moo moo the cow, pet the pigs and goats, see the chickens and rabbits, try the tree swings, the children’s games, sack races, face painting and don’t forget to pick your own vegetables.

Huge vegetables from Sweetfield Farms Copyrighted Image Unsolicited Advice
Huge u-pick vegetables from Sweetfield Farms

We scored the biggest squash and zucchini I have ever seen! Here’ss what the sunflower maze looks like this year.

Sunflower Maze 2011 Sweetfield Farms Unsolicited Advice
Sweetfield Farms Sunflower Maze Design for 2011

The sunflower maze runs through the end of May.  Visit the Sweetfield Farms website for dates and information.  We’ll be heading back for their corn maze in October.  If you don’t live nearby check farms in your area that have corn mazes to see if they do something during the spring or summer.  If you go, tell Rosie Moo Moo I said ‘hello’.

Rosie Moo Moo Sweetfield Farms Sunflower Maze Unsolicited Advice Copyrighted Image




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