6 Year Old Applies for Head Position at National Railway Museum

6 year old Director of Fun National Railway Museum Unsolicited Advice

The new 6 year old Director of Fun at the National Railway Museum

I think the secret of success lies in emulating children.  Take this kid for example.  He learned the National Railway Museum director was retiring he decided to apply for the job.  He didn’t think, “I’m not old enough to work”.  He didn’t worry that he had no experience.  He wasn’t worried what others would think.  In fact I doubt failure even entered his mind.  He thought it was a cool job, he liked trains, he thought he could do it and he went for it.  I love his letter applying for the job.  He specifcially told them he thought he could do the job!  The best part is that even though he didn’t get the job he was going for the made him the Director of Fun!  Although most of us are not cute 6 year olds (well I am on the inside), the lesson here is to JUST GO FOR WHAT YOU WANT!  Even if you’re not “qualified”, even if you have no “experience” and especially if you or your friends and family think it’s “crazy”.  What do you have to lose?  Really.  Think about it.  What do you actually have to lose?  If you don’t get what you go after you’re probably going to be in no worse shape than you are right now.  Maybe you won’t get what you went after but you wind up with something  else you didn’t expect.  Or maybe nothing happens.  But you tried.  You went for it.  And it’s the people that go for it that have the most fun and the best lives.  I’m going to tack this kids picture and letter on my office wall to remind me to go for it.

6 Year Old's Letter Applying for Director Job Unsolicited Advice

6 year old Sam's letter applying for the National Railway Museum Director postion

Read the full article here

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